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Slavery / Antislavery Resources

Antislavery Resources

These lists of resources show just some of the materials in Birmingham Central Library that can be used to research Birmingham's links with slavery and antislavery. There are three documents for you to download. The first is a general guide to texts available through Local Studies and History. The second is a guide to a significant hardbound collection of antislavery pamphlets (also available through Local Studies). Finally, the third document gives information on original 18th and 19th century resources on slavery / antislavery that can be accessed through the City Archives.


Slavery / Antislavery Resources in Local Studies and History Collections
Antislavery Pamphlet Collection
Slavery / Antislavery Resources in Birmingham City Archives


Birmingham Antislavery is discussed in Campaigning for Social Justice in the learning section.
There is also a Birmingham history trail for the antislavery campaigner, Joseph Sturge.





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